take 3!

15 May

By altering the way we think about gift giving we can move it from an arbitrary task to a meaningful exercise. The reasoning behind gift giving has changed due to societal expectations. Resulting in the meaning of gift giving being lost and an increase in giving for giving sake. The theory of altruism alludes that we give selflessly in order to enhance the receiver. The people we give gifts to are those we love and care about and these gifts that we give are generally displayed in their house or lives in some way, this then adds to their own story.


I tested this theory out by examining people’s belongings using an archaeological Method. Using this technique I was able to explore gifting and the marks they leave on people’s lives. I categorised objects that were gifted and the impressions they had on people versus objects they had chosen for themselves. Some of these things are only kept in honour of the person who gave it and their relationship to the receiver. From my research I discovered that the objects we have are used to define who we are because what people see tends to dictate how we define things.  By increasing the importance of giving meaningful gifts that relate to the receiver we can ensure that the gifts we give will be a positive influences, with no need for guilt or the obligation to display objects when the giver is around.

 Working together with the values of my client Hallmark I will create a campaign around the importance of giving meaningful gifts that enhance the receivers life.









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