The beginnings of a abstract take one!

13 May

By altering the way we think about gift giving we can move it from an arbitrary exercise and increase the importance of giving meaningful gifts.


The reasoning behind gift giving has been changed due to social expectations that are put out by society. These expectations have resulted in the meaning of gift giving being lost and giving for the sake of giving. We give gifts to people we love and care about, these gifts that we give are generally displayed in their house or lives in some way, what people see tends to dictate how we define them.


From research and surveys it can be argued that our homes are filled with things that we have been gifted, not only things we like sometimes they are things that we only keep in honour of the person who gifted it to us. These objects are then used to define who we are as people. Therefore we don’t want to be giving gifts that will have negative affects on the people we care about. By increasing the importance of giving meaningful gifts that relate to the receiver we can ensure that the gifts we give will be positive influences on their lives.


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