21st gift analysis….

11 May

What I got, who got it….Why does it matter….


First of all im very grateful for everything I got for my Birthday, I don’t expect gifts but I am always pleasantly surprised when people care enough to get me one. This is not a space for me to bitch about gifts I received im just analysing what I got who gave it and why they got it for me…

From my birthday a few things stood out…. not because of monetary value or lack of for that matter but because of the reasoning behind it….

I found that going through them the ones that had the most meaning/thought were my stand outs.

e.g the perfume I got from my brother, was brought solely because i cant afford it. I had to wait and I got it cause he wanted to give me something that I truly wanted, something I couldn’t have gotten myself something that would make me smile.

The wooden plaques that I got from my best mate. They had photos of us, my partner and I and me as a child as well as things that she thought represented me. I love them because they are something that in the form they were in are only for me. I also love them because I was the sole purpose of them. they were created specially for me. Funnily enough later as I was talking to someone about my least favourite gift (in relation to this assignment) someone who was at my 21st asked if these were my least fav gift, which I could understand the reasoning, I mean they don’t look 100% spectacular they are hand made so they have their flaws, to any one else they are just chunks of wood with images on them, to me they are pieces  that represent my world which I am more than happy to display…

There are a few others which are on the images.

My least favourite gifts were a little more of a touchy subject to discuss. I don’t want to hurt any ones feelings.

The present I found the hardest to define was one from my partners mother, I personally find it horrible taste its not me at all but it does have some atributes that I love. for one… I love wood, I love eclectic stuff, different stuff and I love sculptural art. However I don’t like chunky jewellery in my books it should be silver/white gold and dainty. Not wooden and intrusive. So I love that she put thought into my taste, its just unfortunate that she missed the mark.

My least favourite present disappointed me a lot more than anyone else’s gift I received. Purely for the lack of thought. The person who gave it to me I have known since I was 13 in these 8 years we have been quite close I though. She knows a lot about me and what i do and don’t like. One thing i have in gifts is when you are told to use things… e.g a photo frame for my 21st, it holds not meaning between me and the giver. It would have been different if she went out of her way to get a photo with me on the night so i could put it in the frame to capture the memory. But all in all i feel it was a generic gift you give someone you have known for 8 months not 8 years….. Its also not my taste or style at all, i have girls aspects but most defiantly not the aspects on the metal frame.




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