What the fuck were they thinking….

11 May

From looking at this I have become captivated in how we are defined by the gifts we receive.

Thinking about what i’ve given people and how they have kept or displayed it, how has that defined them has that then caused other people to then perceive them by the gift that I have presented them with.

I was looking around my house and what I have, most of the things I have are gifts. From this I realised that we are defined by how we are seen, the stuff we wear the things we have in our house etc… So im looking at how the gift we have define who we are.

Most homes are filled with gifts, what people see in our homes enables them to define who we are. Therefore the gifts we receive and display dictate how we are defined by other people in turn dictating the gifts which we will receive from them.

SO from this idea im going to…
Alter the way we think about gift giving moving it away from a arbitrary thing to make it more of a meaningful thing as the gifts we give will define how a person is perceived.

This brings out the question… what the fuck were people thinking when they purchased the gift for someone. What the fuck are people thinking when they see whats it your house?


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