Do they know you at all???? And some other random thoughts that are probably not even worth mentioning…

11 May

casserole dishes to vegans, candy to diabetics, generic body washes and lotions to sensitive skin victims, cook books to kitchen disasters, Gold earrings to those with allergies, Note books to people who hate writing  playstation games to he who has a xbox, a box of beer to someone who only ever drinks spirits. Just a list of some of the many gifts that shouldn’t have been given, bringing up the idea of why people do it, did they see something in your house and go oh they like that they must want this…. more than likely yes. I can’t count the amount of times when i’ve been stuck for a present idea and gone oh I saw blah blah in their house ill get them this its similar…. but did they pick that for them selves fuck knows it might have been a gift.

These gifts must not be linked to thoughtful gifts after all just cause your friend cant cook does not mean she need a cook book to learn maybe she just doesn’t wanna cook, im sure she’s ok with that.

Thoughtful gifts are gifts you give that have meanings, meanings that are conducted by a knowledge of the person and not just what the surrounding they are in portray.



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