Abstract Version 1

9 May

The socially constructed expectations of gift giving have altered what we give and why we give. The meaning of celebrations has been lost in exchange for a money making scheme.

Traditionally the act of giving was to show your appreciation to the receiver, gifts were always well thought and of value to the receiver. In society today we are expected to buy a gift for every occasion we attend. The most twisted thing around this idea is that the more money you spend the more you love the receiver. On the 26th of December 2012 over 20,000 gifts were listed on trademe, at least 50% of these gifts cost over $250.00, they were all listed as unwanted gifts.

Through survey analysis and readings I have discovered that many people feel compelled to give by social expectations even when they don’t necessarily want to. The gifts that seem to resinate with people were ones that were tailored to the receiver, had a strong experience factor or intangible for instance being taken somewhere to spend time with them. These gifts all create memories that last. As a result of my findings I have come to a point where I am investigating experience over expense, encouraging people to spend less money on gifts and put more effort into what they give or how they give.

My design strategy is to create a conversation about gift giving using human truths, to encourage experience gift giving, and redefine the social expectations of gift giving.


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