Week 8 Supervisor meetings- NOTES

4 May

Change the way we give gifts and the social expectations around gift  giving.

-Start a conversation

– Turning celebrations into a spending money thing not a celebration.

Through humour, irony and human truths -sarcasm

Make gift giving a topic we can talk about and not just cause of the warm fuzzy

Make it acceptable to not give gifts-remove the obligation to give.

My project is about… Gift Givng. the socail expectations around it.


Where could it come from?

Ikio iko

Cronical books-amusing books like that get from iko iko


Could look like a beautiful thing with punch lines

Jenifer hische –swirls and calligraphy

Harsh words written in a nice manner. E.g. Fuck in fancy calligraphy


The art of giving.

Reasonable and practical.

-not spending as much

-status symbols

People selling, apple Michael Hill.

The more money you make the more love you are possible of giving.

I looked into the commerical influences on gift giving around specail events etc.

in just a few days i received over 20 emails ls from different stores advertising gifts to give mum on mothers day.

These included:

Apple, number 1 shoes, briscoes, typo, ad seen on TV, Spotlight, Grab one, Treat me, Daily Do, Grupon, Cotton on, Liqour king, Fly buys, Entertainemnt book, Trademe, ice breaker, Event cinemas, Teach direct, Subway, the warehouse.

Some of these places sent multiple emails, mostly encouraging to buy a gift to show mum how much you care.


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