2 May

The posters would include a series of sarcastic/home truth messages.

Its the thought that counts, but you have to actually think.

If they valued you as much as you value them, they wouldn’t want you in debt over being another year older.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive, a smile is a gift, its cheap. But it’s probably not appropriate for a birthday.

If you really thought they would benefit from it more than you what’s wrong with telling them it was originally a gift to you?

Selling bad gifts?, its not our future!

Just because they are having a baby doesn’t mean they need a gift, your the one who’s gonna loose out, your friends will always be prior committed and when you do see them they will either be covered in puke stains or have a tiny shadow. You should be getting they gift, as a “thanks” in advanced.

Why give a gift for a birthday, it’s not like they made any real accomplishment, they just survived another 365 day.

Why give a gift for a birthday, everyones getting older, why not just celebrate it with time together!




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