Making a bigger picture!

29 Apr

I now have the task of fluffing out the topic more.

So the main theme here is making the effects of bad social requirements/expectations of gift giving.

-making it acceptable to not give a gift

-making acceptable to reject a gift

-making it acceptable to tell somone if you don’t like a gift.

Change how we give gifts

-Experience vrs Tangible whats more important?

-Fake gifts

So to do this I have to make it acceptable to talk about embarassing or taboo topics, for example the health campaigns for prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Therefore… Through irony and humour I want to change the behavioural traits and social expectations that people have towards gift giving, and make gift giving a topic we can talk about, not just beacuse of the warm fuzzies but also the bad aspects of it too.

Assignment overview/base so far…



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