Friday one on ones…

26 Apr

I thought i was all set and on my way to finishing this assignment. I was making a book and campaign about how not to buy bad presents…

However a very good point was made, who the hell was going to buy a book about bad presents? you couldn’t give it as a present-that would be a bad present it was not going any where….

This is what I had to present… the layout of pages, the styles I was going for… a overview.

2-3 example5 assignment sheets4 2-3 example6 assignment sheets5 2-3 example7 2-3 example 2-3 example8 2-3 example2 2-3 example3 2-3 example4 assignment sheets3 assignment sheets2 assignment sheets

All was a bit of a waste as its hard to design if the topic still isn’t there.

From that I had to find what I really wanted to to or was trying to do…

I want to change the way we give gifts, and make the negative sides of gift giving less of a bad thing. make it less of a taboo thing to talk about.-Changing the social/behavioural expectations…

To do this I will look at how other things have been changed e.g. prostate cancer and breast cancer.

So through a humour or ironic style.



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