Outline Assignment

22 Apr

What am I trying to do?

-Make people aware of the affects of giving shit gifts.

What do I want to do?

-Get people to give better gifts

-Get people to give meaningful gifts (personalised/relevant) as opposed to generic store brought gifts “off the shelf”

Why do I wanna do this?

-People hate getting shit gifts

-There is no point on wasting money on crap

-If you give shit gifts you will get shit gifts back

-Revenge and tactile giving

-Getting good gifts makes both the receiver and giver feel good.

-It’s all about the warm fuzzies.

How am I going to do this??

-How to guide titled – “friends don’t give friends shitty gifts- The art of gift giving”

-A campaign -posters -Direct Mail -Online animation

-Forum -Where people can upload shitty gifts to help others not give shit gifts…


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