Friday Presentation…

19 Apr

Had presentation today and i think it went really well, im not really sticking to my ideas but I think im moving into a better direction.

A3 presentation sheets2 A3 presentation sheets3 A3 presentation sheets4 A3 presentation sheets5

The idea that seemed to be the most liked was the campaign about spontaneous gift giving (which was my least favourite but I now understand why it works best). It takes the pressure off gift giving and makes it more about what the meaning is, showing you care. it releases that social expectations and leaves it free to be explored.

Looking at the first idea maybe it could be a registrar page where people could log gifts they want so friends and family could by them. although this eliminates the thought process and the surprise factor.

Could be a page where instead of tutorials its just thoughtful gift ideas.

I KNOW I want to cause a behavioural change in the gift giving arena but the avenue I take is proving to cause me some trouble.

Lecture notes from presentation…

Where are the hard hitting edges?

How is the research influencing the design?

Where is it coming from? – Engagement

Why am I doing it?

This takes me BACK TO THE START….

The topic came to light due to the fact of me (and friends  being annoyed with receiving meaningless gifts that were crappy and store brought without thought. So I decided that for all my friends 21st I was going to make their present (or at least a element of the gift). I did this for the whole year making specialised and very different gifts for each of my friends that were significant to their likes and hobbies.

Light bulb vase Gumball Machine Custom MirrorCustom Batman shoesDriftwood necklace hanger


After giving one of my friends a lovely hand crafted gift that I felt I had put a lot of time and effort into I was disappointed by the gift I received back (a generic metal 21st photo frame). I know that you shouldn’t give to expect back but you also shouldn’t give thoughtless gifts (shit gifts) especially to a close friend.


My ideas from this is still changing the way we give gifts but I want to look it in a more personal way.

Looking at tactile, reaction/responsive (not actually the right word)  and agressive gift giving. looking at how we give due to what we have been given or what we want to give.

This would lead to a how to guide, with titles such as

-Friends don’t let friends buy shitty gifts.

-Friends dont give friends shitty gifts.

-the Art of gift giving.

This could then lead into a campaign with posters and DM pieces with a website where people could share stories to help others not make the same mistakes, along with the how to guide. So it would meet kinda half way between idea 2 and 3 but with a difference.

It would be quite a harsh campaign not soft and fuzzy

Some idea that this would include are:

Putting the time into a hand crafted gift and receiving a shitty store brought present in return sucks, expecting is wrong but so is giving thoughtless shit!

Just because you are out of cash doesn’t mean you have to give shit! – encourage giving time and talents over tangible objects.

Spending $5 on a gift is fine, but why are you spending $5 because thats all you can afford or the present is worth giving. Don’t just by it to take part in giving, wait till you can buy something worth spending the money on or buy nothing at all.



Shit gifts people have received.

Worst gifts ever.

Most common gifts returned.

Revenge gifts people have given or received and why they were given or gifted it.



Cultural rules/expectations of gift giving.

Facebook new app for giving friends gifts.


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