17 Apr

I have made progress Luckily…

I have decided what this assignment is all about is changing the way we give gifts!

I want to make it less about giving out of a expectation and more about giving because you want to.

I want it to be more about meaningful present presents with thought, rather than store brought gifts that you give just because you feel like you have to.

I want to increase spontaneous gift giving and hand crafted gift giving as from experience people feel more special when the gift they are given is made specially for them.

I want to change the gift giving etiquette back to what gift giving was originally about.

So my three ideas of what I could create are:

Website: D.I.Y gift giving 

Use the search engine to refine the options of gifts you could make. Then options will come up in the genre you have chosen, you can then click on it and get the tutorial of how to make it.

E.G. type in likes candy/has a sweet tooth. Tutorials that come up could be gumball machine, chocolate stirs, hard boiled candy.

So its like a D.I.Y recipe builder when you put in ingredients you wanna use and it spits out recipes.

Book: Handbook to gift giving (Etiquette) 

Revised on the social expectations we now have for gift giving.

points like giving because you want not because its socially expected.

Going against most of the social expectations that have changed gift giving to be a money making scheme.

Tips on what to give, when to give, why to give (true definition of gift giving).

Direct mail piece/ad campaign

To change why we give.

giving people a spontaneous gift to increase the idea of spontaneous gift giving and giving because you have or find something you think would be really good for the person not because its their birthday.

could link to a website or something.



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