Ideas of where to go.

15 Apr

How to make gift giving a experience?

Gift giving is good for well being. The act of giving or receiving gifts can have a positive or negative affect depending on many different factors. Well being is affected by receiving gifts that are thoughtful gifts make you feel special and considered.

When we receive gifts that are “thoughtless” and un-related to the receiver often feels like i was a expectation gift, where as gifts that make you feel special and considered are more of a experience. Whether you like the gift you receive or not if its a thoughtful and meaningful gift it makes you feel better.

Gifts that are handcrafted pr have handcrafted aspects often make the receiver feel more valued and its more of a experience for both parties. The giver has to use their talents to make the gift or commission someone to create it for them (the giver would still be apart of the design process) and the receiver will receive something that no one else will ever have the same of.

Handmade gifts = personalisation, thought, time, effort

AIM: to get people to use their talents to create presents that are thoughtful and meaningful to the receiver  to give gifts not out of expectation but to give the receiver a experience.

A present doesn’t have to be a bracelet, or a xbox game, baking can be a present…


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