What have I discovered where am I going?

10 Apr

Over the past week I have been re-reading my notes talking with people and fleshing out mind-maps  this has brought me to very interesting places and ideas.

From my research I have discovered many different insights into the gift giving area.

I have found that the value of celebrations have been lost from gift giving, people seem to care more about the gift they are receiving or giving that the actual celebration. Giving a gift has become more of a expectation and less about the action of giving and the meaning behind it. We no longer give gifts to show appreciation or to celebrate with someone its more of a compulsion, even when people are giving because they want to they dont realise its actually just a social etiquette thats been ingrained in them and they think they are giving out of want.

I want to reverse the gift giving cycle and make giving more about the experience  of choosing giving using and all the excitement that comes with giving the perfect gift not just something you pulled off a shelf and thought could work.

The value of a gift should be determined by the meaning, thought and personalisation gone into it not by the price tag it carries in the shop.

This sounds all good in theory the challenge will be how do I convince people to stop giving for the sake of giving and start giving for the meaning of someone.


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