Etiquette- Gift giving!

10 Apr

I was looking at maybe trying to change the gift giving etiquette…. I’ve been looking at whats out there already about it.


I found a website that has a quiz telling you what is the correct etiquette for situations- focussed mainly on christmas and to a older age group.

When giving or receiving this holiday season, there’s a right — and wrong — way to go about it. For example, is it okay to re-gift? Do you know how to handle an unexpected present? Is an e-mail thank-you note acceptable?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of gifting etiquette. Then enter the season of giving with confidence.

online quiz results2 online quiz results


Some interesting options of answers. 103 people took the test and the average results were 6.5 out of 10 correct.


Next I looked at a website called it had ideas of what should be given at certain events e.g. anniversaries, births, sweet 16ths.

It is always wonderful to personally select and give gifts to those we care about and have them truly appreciate it. It can certainly be a challenge deciding whether or not to give gifts, and if so, what type of gift is appropriate to give. Nobody likes to show up to any special occasion empty-handed. But if there is ever a request for “no gifts please”, then it is never appropriate to bring a gift.

* interesting point about how if the request is for no gifts its not appropriate however lots of people will still give gifts as we think we should. Also the closer you are to someone also effects if we do or not.

Did you know that there are “common” gifts to give on certain anniversary milestones?
Years           Item
1                  Paper or plastics
2                  Cotton
3                  Leather
4                  Silk
5                  Wood
6                  Iron
7                  Copper
8                  Electrical Appliances
9                  Pottery
10                Aluminum
15                Ivory
20                China
25                Silver
30                Pearls
35                Coral/Jade
40                Ruby
45                Sapphire
50                Gold
55                Emerald
60/70/75       Diamond

* Socially expected gifts.

The gesture of a gift is always appreciated, no matter how small.

At times, money is the most welcome present of all, and it may also be an easy way of avoiding the challenge of choosing the perfect gift. There are very few teenagers and elderly who do not favor the idea of a little extra spending cash. And for those who don’t like just handing over cash, a gift certificate to their favorite store may seem a little more personalised.

The excitement of moving into a dwelling and making it your own creates a natural eagerness to show it off to others. Since the purpose is to open your home to friends and family, invitations to a housewarming can be sent on informal or commercial fill-in cards, or can be simply a phone call. Guests should bring gifts to the party to congratulate you on your new home. If you are having an open house style party, it is appropriate to open up gifts as you receive them. Or if you have a small intimate group, you can wait and open them all up at the same time in front of your guests. Thank you notes are a definite necessity! As an attendee, your gift does not have to be expensive. But be mindful that your gift is of a permanent use rather than flowers, which will only last a short time.

For the most part, every occasion surrounding a wedding involves gifts. While the following descriptions follow traditional customs, there are many other ethnic groups that follow their own unique customs.


Next I looked at some articles online firstly the Chicago tribune

and a website called real simple which is a website offering advice and articles on topics.

You attended the party but still haven’t sent a gift. How bad is that? Under the rules of traditional etiquette, all gifts should be sent before, or delivered at, the celebration, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, shower, or Bar Mitzvah. But before you start declining social invitations because you can’t get your gift act together, remember that the rules are just a loose guide.

*This site says sending gifts foe a event is super important, they even think that its ok to still send a gift 10 years after the celebration, a little silly if you ask me!



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