Reading Reading Reading

2 Apr

Over the last few days I’ve been reading books, articles and all sorts trying to figure out this gift giving thing.


The Three books I’ve been looking at are ‘You shouldn’t have!’ by Leah Ingram, ‘The language of gifts’ by Deanna Washington and ‘The gift of giving’ by Rachel Ashwell.

They all make some interesting points about gift giving and the gifts that are deemed appropriate for certain situations.

Leah Ingram writes about the rules of giving a gift she defines 4 clear rules

-Know the occasion and your recipient

-Consider your budget

-Whenever possible personalise the gift (relate it to a fav activity or hobby)

-Don’t reinvent the wheel. (if it worked give it again)

*on average an American gives 47 gifts a year.

The gift of giving is all about different types of gifts and has some interesting ideas about creating meaning ful gifts that give the receiver a experience.



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