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Making a bigger picture!

29 Apr

I now have the task of fluffing out the topic more.

So the main theme here is making the effects of bad social requirements/expectations of gift giving.

-making it acceptable to not give a gift

-making acceptable to reject a gift

-making it acceptable to tell somone if you don’t like a gift.

Change how we give gifts

-Experience vrs Tangible whats more important?

-Fake gifts

So to do this I have to make it acceptable to talk about embarassing or taboo topics, for example the health campaigns for prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Therefore… Through irony and humour I want to change the behavioural traits and social expectations that people have towards gift giving, and make gift giving a topic we can talk about, not just beacuse of the warm fuzzies but also the bad aspects of it too.

Assignment overview/base so far…



Friday one on ones…

26 Apr

I thought i was all set and on my way to finishing this assignment. I was making a book and campaign about how not to buy bad presents…

However a very good point was made, who the hell was going to buy a book about bad presents? you couldn’t give it as a present-that would be a bad present it was not going any where….

This is what I had to present… the layout of pages, the styles I was going for… a overview.

2-3 example5 assignment sheets4 2-3 example6 assignment sheets5 2-3 example7 2-3 example 2-3 example8 2-3 example2 2-3 example3 2-3 example4 assignment sheets3 assignment sheets2 assignment sheets

All was a bit of a waste as its hard to design if the topic still isn’t there.

From that I had to find what I really wanted to to or was trying to do…

I want to change the way we give gifts, and make the negative sides of gift giving less of a bad thing. make it less of a taboo thing to talk about.-Changing the social/behavioural expectations…

To do this I will look at how other things have been changed e.g. prostate cancer and breast cancer.

So through a humour or ironic style.


Outline Assignment

22 Apr

What am I trying to do?

-Make people aware of the affects of giving shit gifts.

What do I want to do?

-Get people to give better gifts

-Get people to give meaningful gifts (personalised/relevant) as opposed to generic store brought gifts “off the shelf”

Why do I wanna do this?

-People hate getting shit gifts

-There is no point on wasting money on crap

-If you give shit gifts you will get shit gifts back

-Revenge and tactile giving

-Getting good gifts makes both the receiver and giver feel good.

-It’s all about the warm fuzzies.

How am I going to do this??

-How to guide titled – “friends don’t give friends shitty gifts- The art of gift giving”

-A campaign -posters -Direct Mail -Online animation

-Forum -Where people can upload shitty gifts to help others not give shit gifts…

FACEBOOK Gifting to friends.

19 Apr

This is a new app added to facebook where you can buy things for people when you have picked it they are sent a notification where they add their address and any changes they want to make to the purchase (e.g. size, style, colour) its then sent to them and your credit card is charged…

A new way of gift giving, not sure how I feel about it. Its like giving a gift but letting someone else pick it/ alter it. Which is good cause it lets the receiver have a say so they are more likely to keep the gift.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 3.11.51 PM 


gift facebook


Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 3.11.40 PM

Friday Presentation…

19 Apr

Had presentation today and i think it went really well, im not really sticking to my ideas but I think im moving into a better direction.

A3 presentation sheets2 A3 presentation sheets3 A3 presentation sheets4 A3 presentation sheets5

The idea that seemed to be the most liked was the campaign about spontaneous gift giving (which was my least favourite but I now understand why it works best). It takes the pressure off gift giving and makes it more about what the meaning is, showing you care. it releases that social expectations and leaves it free to be explored.

Looking at the first idea maybe it could be a registrar page where people could log gifts they want so friends and family could by them. although this eliminates the thought process and the surprise factor.

Could be a page where instead of tutorials its just thoughtful gift ideas.

I KNOW I want to cause a behavioural change in the gift giving arena but the avenue I take is proving to cause me some trouble.

Lecture notes from presentation…

Where are the hard hitting edges?

How is the research influencing the design?

Where is it coming from? – Engagement

Why am I doing it?

This takes me BACK TO THE START….

The topic came to light due to the fact of me (and friends  being annoyed with receiving meaningless gifts that were crappy and store brought without thought. So I decided that for all my friends 21st I was going to make their present (or at least a element of the gift). I did this for the whole year making specialised and very different gifts for each of my friends that were significant to their likes and hobbies.

Light bulb vase Gumball Machine Custom MirrorCustom Batman shoesDriftwood necklace hanger


After giving one of my friends a lovely hand crafted gift that I felt I had put a lot of time and effort into I was disappointed by the gift I received back (a generic metal 21st photo frame). I know that you shouldn’t give to expect back but you also shouldn’t give thoughtless gifts (shit gifts) especially to a close friend.


My ideas from this is still changing the way we give gifts but I want to look it in a more personal way.

Looking at tactile, reaction/responsive (not actually the right word)  and agressive gift giving. looking at how we give due to what we have been given or what we want to give.

This would lead to a how to guide, with titles such as

-Friends don’t let friends buy shitty gifts.

-Friends dont give friends shitty gifts.

-the Art of gift giving.

This could then lead into a campaign with posters and DM pieces with a website where people could share stories to help others not make the same mistakes, along with the how to guide. So it would meet kinda half way between idea 2 and 3 but with a difference.

It would be quite a harsh campaign not soft and fuzzy

Some idea that this would include are:

Putting the time into a hand crafted gift and receiving a shitty store brought present in return sucks, expecting is wrong but so is giving thoughtless shit!

Just because you are out of cash doesn’t mean you have to give shit! – encourage giving time and talents over tangible objects.

Spending $5 on a gift is fine, but why are you spending $5 because thats all you can afford or the present is worth giving. Don’t just by it to take part in giving, wait till you can buy something worth spending the money on or buy nothing at all.



Shit gifts people have received.

Worst gifts ever.

Most common gifts returned.

Revenge gifts people have given or received and why they were given or gifted it.



Cultural rules/expectations of gift giving.

Facebook new app for giving friends gifts.


17 Apr

I have made progress Luckily…

I have decided what this assignment is all about is changing the way we give gifts!

I want to make it less about giving out of a expectation and more about giving because you want to.

I want it to be more about meaningful present presents with thought, rather than store brought gifts that you give just because you feel like you have to.

I want to increase spontaneous gift giving and hand crafted gift giving as from experience people feel more special when the gift they are given is made specially for them.

I want to change the gift giving etiquette back to what gift giving was originally about.

So my three ideas of what I could create are:

Website: D.I.Y gift giving 

Use the search engine to refine the options of gifts you could make. Then options will come up in the genre you have chosen, you can then click on it and get the tutorial of how to make it.

E.G. type in likes candy/has a sweet tooth. Tutorials that come up could be gumball machine, chocolate stirs, hard boiled candy.

So its like a D.I.Y recipe builder when you put in ingredients you wanna use and it spits out recipes.

Book: Handbook to gift giving (Etiquette) 

Revised on the social expectations we now have for gift giving.

points like giving because you want not because its socially expected.

Going against most of the social expectations that have changed gift giving to be a money making scheme.

Tips on what to give, when to give, why to give (true definition of gift giving).

Direct mail piece/ad campaign

To change why we give.

giving people a spontaneous gift to increase the idea of spontaneous gift giving and giving because you have or find something you think would be really good for the person not because its their birthday.

could link to a website or something.


Not sure where this assignment is going….

16 Apr

Have hit a wall on where this is all going, not sure what it will lead to and what the end product will  be. Im still a little unsure of what my question really is. I know my topic is about gift giving but im just not sure where im going from there…. Gonna be a long few days before presentation on friday.