Overview of work so far

23 Mar

It appears that gift giving in most cultures is a etiquette thing.

People feel they must give gifts at events such as birthdays and christmas however the thought behind the gift often gets lost due to the compulsion to buy.

other cultures seem to have a better hold on things e.g. JW’s only accepting gifts that are not based on worldly holidays where society deems it is mandatory for one to bring and give a gift.

The gift giving process can start out negatively and have a positive affect, it can start out poitivley and have a positive affect or it can start out positively and have a negative affect based on all the aspects around giving and accepting a gift.

Many people give gifts to show appreciation and express affection to others but they are still a vast majority who are giving out of compulsion to what society says, some dont even realise the compulsion they are under and its seen as polite or proper etiquette.


Next step:

Create a survey that will allow me to discover what people think about gift giving and the social expectations and rules around it.


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