Is re-gifting OK?

21 Mar

Firstly what is re-gifting?

Regift: (verb) To give an unwanted gift to someone else; to give as a gift something one previously received as a gift. Webster’s New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.6).

Jerry Seinfeld first coined the term a decade ago.

regift checklist….   Regifting is a phenomenon that we here at Money Management International (MMI) have celebrated since this website’s inception in 2006. We have previously held contests forregifting stories, but ultimately this website was meant to start a conversation about holiday gift-giving. We encourage you to continue the exchange of stories and ideas on our Regifting Forum.

General wisdom these days declares that passing along a gift is tacky. Reasonable people get unreasonably offended when they even suspect that the puce scarf, the mug that says “It isAll about Me,” or a silver-plated triple bonbon dish was first given to the giver by someone else.

I like to make a distinction between re-gifting and re-giving. Re-gifting often is an effort to meet an unwanted obligation. Re-giving, on the other hand, is passing along something that suits the receiver and is given with thought and care. Re-gifting is about the gift. Re-giving is about the relationship between the giver and receiver.

Regifting etiquette 
As with anything that involves social circles, there’s an etiquette to regifting. The most common points to note when regifting include:
  • Rewrap the gift before regifting. (Consider recycling that wrapping paper as well.)
  • Don’t use the gift first, then regift it.
  • Never regift an item back to the original giver.
Of course, there could be exceptions to the above list, but these rules of thumb apply in the majority of cases. For example, with the popularity of gift cards today, it’s easy to imagine a partially used gift card being reused as a gift — this is probably best avoided, but situations vary.
four rules to re gifting…
1. Make sure the item is unopened, with no seals broken.    2. Double check for personal names, initials, or monograms, a red flag of a hand-me-down.

3. Be sure to wrap it in fresh paper, so it looks as thought you bought it and wrapped it lovingly.  Never just re-tape the old wrapping paper.

So the most important rule of all:

4. It’s best to give that secondhand gift to someone on the other side of your family, or someone who doesn’t know the original gifter. In other words, if it is from work, never regift to anyone connected with your job or employer.

Bottom line: There is nothing wrong with regifting, as long as you are careful, and don’t do anything that embarrasses you or the person who gave it to you.

And that way you don’t waste your money.

This is notes from research i have found online, im waiting for the results of my own surveys to be completed…

Stuff interview:

mixed results some of the answers.

I wouldn’t regift but I would sell it, re-gifting is wrong.

Its best not to re-gift

Re-gifting is mean and disrespectful of the season

I would re-gift but i would do it in secret, give it to someone other than the person that gave it and someone that didn’t know who i received it from.

Not is the person is close to you e.g family partner close friends.

If a person has chosen a gift for you its personal therefore rude to pass it on.

Not if its something personal to you if its generic like soap or a top re-gift it.

Other people who have asked the question…

mixed responses to re gifting.

most people are offering the idea of donating rather than giving it as a gift.

I would rather donate to charity than take a chance on offending the giver! Plenty of places to donate new toys & clothing.


The general consensus with this re-gifting idea it that most people are ok with it as long as you do it in taste.

Don’t re-gift something that someone close to you has given.

Don’t re-gift something that is strictly person to you.

Don’t re gift something to someone unless you think that it is something that they would actually want.

Only re-gift something that has not been used or open…

Give to someone who doesn’t know the original giver and doesn’t know that you have already been given it.




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