Gift giving…. received but not enjoyed….Are gifts always happily received?

20 Mar

Many people receive presents every year…. however some of these presents are not always as welcomed as one thinks they are…. trademe christmas 2012 is a perfect example of the gifts being given but not appreciated or wanted…

More than 20 000 gifts were added onto trademe just the day after christmas… “More than 20,000 items have landed at online auction site Trade Me since lunchtime yesterday, as people look to offload unwanted Christmas presents.”

“Regular offenders” that routinely turned up after missing the mark on Christmas Day included over-ambitious purchases of lingerie by both men and women, and items such as books, ties, handbags and kitchen appliances, spokesman Paul Ford said.

“Yesterday most of us will have received at least one gift that made us groan inwardly, but if you can’t exchange it then selling it to someone who genuinely wants it is often a better option than hiding it in the back of the wardrobe, sending it off to the dump, or awkwardly passing it on at Christmas next year.”

 (26/12/13 stuff article)



By 4pm [Christmas day], 82 people had listed items categorised as unwanted gifts.

The unwanted presents included an All Blacks shirt, a mosaic Kiwiana mirror, a mini guitar and amp, printer, lingerie, a baby blanket and a Star Wars game.

Most of the sellers simply listed their items under “unwanted gift” as their reason for selling, but others were happy to admit an item was an “unwanted xmas gift”.

He believed many listings would have been gift double-ups.


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