Is it the gift you give or how you present it that matters?

15 Mar



A friend was having a baby shower so i decided to use this opportunity as a experiment into if the way a gift was given ment more then what the atual gift was.

We got one of our friends to give them the stuff in the top present in a box just the way you see it, nothing special. Then I took the exact same items and turned it into the second image a nappy cake of a tricycle.

When she received the two gifts she was much more excited about the second gift (the tricycle) although they are the exact same thing the second gift was given in a way that took a lot more thought and time therefore she valued it more.

She and other guests talked about the second present for the rest of the night however the first gift was only mention when she said thanks when it was first gifted to her.

“I just want to say thank you again for your gift, it was such a thoughtful present and the time and effort you must have put in, just wow.” – the gift receiver.


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