research into whats out about gift giving….

13 Mar

making gift giving easier…

we give gifts to make people feel special

Gifting is a one way thing, not a exchanging thing. 

Gifting is a way of seeing everyone else’s life as a opportunity to help.

A gift has no expectations.

Receiving something is honouring he person giving it to you.

You light up when the receiver lights up. seeing other people get happy resulting in you being happy is a unique experience of love. it takes you away from a selfish mentality and enables you to be joy and receive joy and happiness when others have happiness. 

Gifting is a way to selfishly give yourself joy.

a gift is a smile, a hug, the way you look someone in the eye they can be some of the most precious and welcomed gifts that you will ever give or receive.



Warped view on gift giving






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