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Research Survey #2

28 Mar

Survey Monkey anonymous survey results


Total results 14

Male 4

Female 10

NZ European 7

Caucasion 2

English 3

Maori 1

Chinese Malaysian 1

18-21 x8

22-25  x3

25-30   x1

30+   x2

If someone attends an event or celebration should they bring a gift and why?

5 people say Yes

6 people say it depends on the event/relationship and other factors

3 people say no

Most people think its a social expectation. However it should not be stipulated by anyone other than the giver. others think you should to show the appreciation of the person and thank them for inviting you to their event. “its almost protocol” “unfortunately what is considered “proper” dictates that its expected”

Does giving a gift at a celebration mean the receiver should give the giver a gift at a similar event and why?

7 people say Yes

3 people say No

4 people say its depends

most people think it shows respect, value and caring for a person. obligations fall into this too.

“yes but its not expected” “you should give a gift in return it shows you value the person” “not unless they can or feel compelled too” “it is protocol” “yes its nice to know they feel the same way”

What makes a good gift?

General consensus is that it must be something that is thoughtful and has significance/use/want to the receiver. it seems people think it should be something you yourself would be happy to receive. should have a positive affect or emotion to the receiver.

How does giving a gift make you feel?

Most people enjoy the gift giving experience. Most people enjoy making others happy.

9/14 responses mentioned good/warm fuzzies

others used words like love like enjoy happy excitement

1 person felt a negative emotion(embarrassment)

How does receiving a gift at a celebration (birthday or christmas etc) make you feel?

Most people felt happy and good/warm fuzzies.

3 people felt negative feelings such as embarrassment

How does receiving a spontaneous gift make you feel?

Spontaneous gift giving seemed to make people feel best, it was more thoughtful and a surprise.

although there was still some negative emotions around embarrassment however the positive emotions overtake the negative.

Is it ok to re-gift something you have been gifted and why? Have you ever done this?

is it ok?

7 say Yes

2 unsure

5 say No

7 have re-gifted

6 have not

1 not stated

Its ok if its unused, mass produced and will benefit the person you give it to more.

however the gift was given to you with thought from the giver to give it away is disrespecting their effort.

Is it ok to sell a gift that has been gifted to you, and why? Have you ever done this?

is it ok?

7 say yes

3 are unsure

4 say no

1 has done it

12 have not

1 not stated

If the new receiver and previous giver do not find out its ok. Most people think its ok but they themselves have not done it.

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Overview of work so far

23 Mar

It appears that gift giving in most cultures is a etiquette thing.

People feel they must give gifts at events such as birthdays and christmas however the thought behind the gift often gets lost due to the compulsion to buy.

other cultures seem to have a better hold on things e.g. JW’s only accepting gifts that are not based on worldly holidays where society deems it is mandatory for one to bring and give a gift.

The gift giving process can start out negatively and have a positive affect, it can start out poitivley and have a positive affect or it can start out positively and have a negative affect based on all the aspects around giving and accepting a gift.

Many people give gifts to show appreciation and express affection to others but they are still a vast majority who are giving out of compulsion to what society says, some dont even realise the compulsion they are under and its seen as polite or proper etiquette.


Next step:

Create a survey that will allow me to discover what people think about gift giving and the social expectations and rules around it.

Cultural beliefs in gift giving.

22 Mar

Potlach (pot luck) gift giving festivals and primary economic system practiced by indigenous people of the pacific North west coast of Canada and USA.

A ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples of the northwest Pacific coast, as in celebration of a marriage or accession, at which the host distributes gifts according to each guest’s rank or status. Between rival groups the potlatch could involve extravagant or competitive giving and destruction by the host of valued items as a display of superior wealth.

Jehovah Witness

Do not accept gifts of worldly holidays as they dont celebrate.

only give gifts to show generosity and love not on a holiday where its  a expectation.

They do not accept gifts for christmas or birthdays but all other gifts are acceptable.

e.g. spontaneous, weddings, baby showers



22 Mar

Gift giving cycle 1Infographic on gift giving

Working on mapping out the cycle of gift giving using images to see how it changes the meaning of the topic. Showing that the different mindsets and responses can change the outcome of gift giving.

Infographic sources….

21 Mar

7 Curious Truths about Christmas Gift Giving!

Most Predictable Valentine’s Day Gifts (Infographic),r:9,s:0,i:105,r:38,s:0,i:200,r:12,s:100,i:40


Gift Giving etiquette

21 Mar

What we give as gifts and how we receive them says a lot about us as individuals. It’s inevitable that there’ll be the odd mix-up throughout the holiday season, but there is no need to stress. Bear in mind that many people simply give gifts to show appreciation or express affection for the recipient. Sometimes all that they’re looking for is a simple thank-you in return. Additionally, being honest when you’re planning your gift purchases for the season isn’t something to be ashamed of. If times are tough and Santa’s pockets aren’t as deep this year, don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family that you won’t be giving as extravagant of gifts this year. Those closest to you are bound to understand, and might even feel relieved that there won’t be such heavy expectations placed upon them to find the perfect gift in return.


The gift giving cycle…

21 Mar



The gift giving cycle shows how a persons well being can be affected by the act of giving or receiving and the reaction of the other person. the giving and receiving process can either strengthen or weaken a relationship.